Why I Love Coffee and Wine

Coffee and wine are my two favorite beverages.

The simple pleasures of a good cup of coffee or nice glass of wine are microcosms of a life well-lived.

This is true for three main reasons:

In a world where we’re busier than ever, moving faster than ever, and more connected (technologically) than ever, coffee and wine balance us out because they are meant to be sipped, savored, and enjoyed slowly. They settle the chaos, even if just temporarily.

Wine and coffee cause us to delight in the moment — the perfect antidote to our frenetic lives.

Coffee and wine are meant to be enjoyed with other people. You meet a friend for coffee or catch up over a glass of wine. Coffee and wine are relationship-builders because they are ‘activities’ that happen between people, not just beverages consumed by people.

It has been shown that social connection is the greatest predictor of overall happiness, and also vital to our health. Just think about how many relationships have been developed or deepened over coffee or wine.

OK, OK, in moderation. But studies have shown that both coffee and wine have health benefits when consumed in moderation (1 glass of 5 oz. red wine per day for women, 1–2 glasses of red wine per day for men, 2–4 cups of 8 oz. coffee per day). When consumed in these amounts, both coffee and wine have been shown to increase life span, improve blood flow, reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, and lessen the risk of depression.

In fact, on the Greek Island of Ikaria, home to the highest percentage of 90-year-olds in the world (not to mention significantly lower rates of cancer, heart disease, and dementia), they drink wine and coffee daily, and stay active and mentally sharp until the very end of their lives.

While all of this doesn’t necessarily mean you should start drinking wine and coffee if they are not a part of your current routine, it probably means you can feel good about it if you already are!

Wine and coffee help solve a few of life’s big challenges — I’ll drink to that!

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Andrew Merle writes about living well, including good habits for happiness, health, productivity, and success. Subscribe to his e-mail list at andrewmerle.com and follow him on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I really only drink 3 types of beverages at all — coffee, wine, and water.

I write about simple tips to optimize your health & longevity. Subscribe to my email list at andrewmerle.com.

I write about simple tips to optimize your health & longevity. Subscribe to my email list at andrewmerle.com.