Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Shots

Does your child have anxiety over medical procedures or needles? Help your child overcome their fear of shots so that your next doctor’s visit goes smoother.

Andrew Merle
3 min readOct 19, 2022

It’s not uncommon for a child to fear needles or shots. For parents, creating a plan for going about this necessity can help their child feel more secure and thwart their fear and anxiety. Help your child overcome their fear of shots by using the below information.

Prepare Them for the Appointment

You should prepare your kids and yourself for this appointment. Know when the appropriate time of the year to receive a flu shot and other vaccines is so that you know when to have the conversation. Your child may become anxious after you tell them; when this happens, teach them how to take deep breaths in and out to calm their nerves.

Try Explaining Why They Need a Vaccine

In some cases, explaining why they need a vaccine is enough to calm some of your child’s nerves. During this conversation, consider saying, “The reason we get shots is to protect our bodies from getting sick and keep us healthy.” If there’s a logical explanation as to why they’re doing what they’re doing, it can take away some of the confusion and anxiety.

Provide Honesty When Giving Information

Sometimes, the best way to get your child out of their bubble of fear is to be completely honest with them when you’re giving them information about shots. Explain to your child that while it may feel like a tiny pinch, the pain won’t last long, and it’s simple and quick. When you have this conversation, use more neutral words to describe the procedure so that you don’t scare them.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated after having the same conversation with your child about shots repeatedly — they may need some more guidance. If you exhibit a calm and positive attitude, this can reflect in your child. Not everyone reacts to things the same way, so be patient with your child and work through their fear instead of trying to force them to get over it.

Bring Distractions

One of the best ways to help your child overcome their fear of shots is to bring distractions to the appointment. This could include comfort items, such as your child’s favorite stuffed animal, a book to read, or a tablet to play on. Moving their attention away from what’s happening in the doctor’s office could help them calm down before they receive the vaccine.

Remember that every child has a fear of different things. A fear of needles is common in children, but you can help them overcome this. Be patient and take your time when it comes to having these types of conversations with them. How will you help your kids overcome their fear of needles or shots?



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