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The Best Productivity App for Meal Planning, Goal Setting, and To-Do Lists

Andrew Merle
4 min readMar 16

Now that we’re already in the middle of March, a significant percentage of New Year’s resolutions have already failed.

Many New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it through January and only half of those who make promises to change their lives for the better are still successful after 6 months.

It’s incredibly challenging to start something new.

There are many obstacles and pitfalls out there to stop you or slow your progress.

I’ve learned that achieving long-term goals is primarily a result of small daily habits, done consistently over time.

A transition to an improved lifestyle must be done step-by-step to develop new habits, get acclimated to the new routine, and learn what works best for you.

It is also critical to have a realistic plan and track your progress every step of the way.

When I first began trying to improve my habits — from productivity to eating healthier — the amount of information was overwhelming. I wasn’t able to make sense of everything and prioritize the most important information.

This is because when I was just getting started, my systems left a lot to be desired — I was writing new information and ideas on sticky notes and scrap pieces of paper because that’s just what happened to be around me at the time. That didn’t help because there was no way for me to organize or reference the most important details.

I then tried to keep my notes in one place by using a dedicated notebook, but that turned out to not be the best option either. After a few weeks of goal tracking and research, my notebook was full and it was hard to go back and find anything.

However, even with these rudimentary systems, the simple act of writing things down and tracking my progress was producing some benefits. I started to intuitively understand what was working (and not), but I knew the right method could accelerate my results.

Fortunately, I recently found a digital tool that combines much of what I’ve needed. The xTiles app has been incredibly helpful for organizing my goals and daily habits, and keeping my to-do list top of mind.

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