Altruistic Joe is a veteran-owned small business — they make great coffee and donate a substantial portion of profits to charity

My Favorite New Coffee, Just in Time for the Holidays

Andrew Merle
2 min readDec 19, 2022

If you are doing some last-minute holiday shopping for a coffee lover in your life (or yourself), this article is for you.

Anyone who reads my articles regularly knows I’m a big fan of coffee. Coffee is one of the few products shown to help you live longer, think sharper, and perform better. I drink 2–3 cups per day.

My favorite coffee these days is from Altruistic Joe. Altruistic Joe makes delicious coffee that is committed to giving back — they are a veteran-owned small business that donates 20% of all net proceeds to charity.

After 20+ years of service in the US Coast Guard, Jamie and Libby Jenks (owners of Altruistic Joe) wanted to continue serving others in a different capacity, which led to the creation of Altruistic Joe Coffee. They now work closely with independent farmers and an independent roaster to make exceptional coffee that benefits numerous charitable organizations.

The charities they support are dedicated to Global Health & Human Services, Military Veteran & Family Services, Animal Welfare, and Environmental Conversation.

Altruistic Joe works with independent farmers and all of their coffee is roasted fresh before it ships

Recently I’ve been loving their Guatemala Senora single origin coffee and their Cream & Crimson blend.

They also have a couple great sample packs of their single-origin coffees and blends, which could make a great last-minute holiday gift.

Please support Altruistic Joe — they make excellent coffee and do business the right way. Go get some here.



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