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My 3 Favorite Beverages and Why

Andrew Merle
3 min readFeb 2

I think a lot about food and drink — 2 of my biggest passions.

In general, I am a minimalist and don’t really need much in the way of material possessions.

But certain food and beverages really enhance my life and, in my opinion, are some of life’s great, simple pleasures.

In this article I am going to lay out my 3 favorite drinks and why.

The first is coffee.

Some people get jittery from coffee, but for me it is an incredibly peaceful and relaxing way to enter the day. There is something very soothing about having a warm cup of coffee in your hand, consumed slowly, as you feel your body and mind come alive for the day.

I feel nearly invincible after 2–3 cups of black coffee in the morning, which I drink on an empty stomach. This gives me the energy and motivation to exercise in the morning, which I have been doing consistently for more than 20 years.

The fact that coffee is linked with health and longevity is a nice bonus, but it’s not the primary reason I drink it.

I am careful not to consume much coffee in the afternoon or before high-stress activities since it is a fairly potent stimulant, but it’s just the right elixir for me to get the day started.

My second favorite beverage is arguably the healthiest drink in the world — water. I won’t spend much time on this one since it’s not sexy and doesn’t have a fun culture that surrounds it, but water is effective.

I drink water throughout the day, mostly flavored sparkling water to make it a bit more interesting and appealing to drink. I’ll also drink water during most of my workouts, usually with some added hydration/electrolyte mix.

I think clearer and perform better when I’m hydrated, so water is always close by throughout the day. This is especially important because my other 2 favorite beverages tend to be dehydrating.

My 3rd favorite drink is red wine. There is much debate about the healthfulness (or lack thereof) of wine, but that’s not why I drink it.

Similar to coffee, I find a glass of red wine, consumed slowly, to be one of life’s simple pleasures. Having a glass of red wine for happy hour is, in my…

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