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How to Actually Achieve Good Health

Andrew Merle
3 min readMar 10

If you want to get healthier, there are 4 main areas to direct your attention.

All 4 of these lifestyle behaviors feed into each other.

If you do one well, there is a positive trickle-down effect on the others.

On the flip side, when one is out of whack, the others tend to suffer as well.

The reality is there is no magic bullet for good health. The lifestyle habits you’ve heard about since you were a kid are the ones that matter most.

Diet. Exercise. Sleep. Stress Management.

Despite all of the conflicting opinions about what makes the best diet, you already know intuitively how to eat well.

Stay away from junk food — and you already know what that means.

If it comes in a package with lots of salt, sugar, and fat, stay away. It’s fine to have a cookie or a donut from time to time, but don’t make it a regular occurrence. Binging on this stuff can totally derail your health and weight loss efforts.

Just eat whatever real, whole foods that you like. Meat, fish, eggs, beans, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, etc. If the food contains 1 ingredient, go nuts. If you get most of your nutrition from 1-ingredient foods, you’ll be in good shape. The longer the ingredient list, the most skeptical you should be.

On the exercise front, do something every day. That’s right — no days off.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors weren’t able to take a day off. They needed to hunt and forage for their food. This is still how our bodies function best. Walk, run, bike, lift weights, do pushups, yoga, play sports. Do as many things as you enjoy and will do consistently. Mix it up, both for the novelty and to work different areas of your body.

If you base your diet around real, whole foods and do some type of exercise every day, you are in excellent shape.

Those habits also will enable you to get better sleep.

Going a bit further, stop eating at least a couple hours before bed so your body isn’t still digesting food when it should be focusing on sleep and regeneration.

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