Give the Gift of Experiences (Not Things) This Holiday Season

  • The happiness spike for material items is short-lived, whereas experiences produce joy during the anticipation of the experience, the actual experience itself, and then from the memories afterwards
  • Experiences tend to bring us together with other people, and social connection is another key to happiness
  • Experiences often lead to better stories and conversations, helping us to relive the experience and bond with others (even if they weren’t there for the actual experience)
  • Experiences are more likely to be defining moments in our life, and associated with how we see ourselves or who we want to be
  • Experiences are often more unique and distinctive when compared to material items
  • A special meal
  • Sports or concert tickets
  • A trip
  • Lessons to learn a new skill (sports, music, language, cooking, etc.)
  • Theater, Movie, or Museum tickets
  • A gym membership or exercise classes
  • Wine tasting



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