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Follow The Process, Not Your Passion

Andrew Merle


I believe that happiness in life is all about finding the right fit.

And following your passion alone is not sufficient to find that right fit.

I learned this the hard way.

Baseball was my biggest passion for as long as I can remember.

One of my earliest memories — at the age of 4 — was watching my hometown Boston Red Sox take on the New York Mets in the 1986 World Series. I was so into baseball and the Red Sox that I stayed up long after my parents went to bed to watch the end of each game.

I remember religiously watching baseball on TV, even if the telecast was in French or any other language.

I learned to read from baseball cards.

I know a lot of kids love sports, but I really loved sports. I consumed and analyzed every single Red Sox game, start to finish, via TV, radio, or (if I was lucky enough) in person. I was allowed to miss school to attend every Opening Day at Fenway Park. Whenever I was at the actual ballpark, I would never let my parents leave until the last out was recorded.

I memorized all of the player and team stats and could rattle them off at will. I remember fantasizing about meeting the athletes, sitting in the dugout, and what it would be like to step out on a real Major League field.

But I never imagined I could actually work in sports.

I always thought I would be a lawyer. I loved the idea of analyzing a case, doing deep research to uncover the winning evidence or facts, and then pulling it all together for a victory in the courtroom. It all seemed so thrilling, and that was the path I intended to pursue. I was a Pre-Law Major in college and planned to attend Law School after graduation.

But then I miraculously landed a job within my #1 passion instead. I got an internship with the Boston Red Sox in 2003 — between my junior and senior years of college. Talk about a dream come true!

Since the actual sport of baseball was my true love, I wanted my position to be as close to the game as possible.

But the intern position within the Baseball Operations department (a path that could eventually lead to becoming a General Manager) was already…



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