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32 Proven Ways to Become Happier

Credit: Wil Stewart


1. Socialize for at least 6 hours per day

2. Live with a loving partner

3. Join a club that aligns with your interests and passions

4. Choose a few active relationships with good friends over a lot of casual acquaintances

5. Set a weekly family dinner and invite your extended family

6. Develop daily social rituals

7. Choose social experiences over material things

8. Prioritize family and friends over work

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9. Choose a job that puts your talents to good use and enables you to make a meaningful difference

10. Develop at least 1 true friendship at work

11. Work fewer than 40 hours per week

12. Take up to 6 weeks of vacation time per year

13. Maximize savings now to plan for an early retirement

14. Make at least $80–120K per year (depending upon where you live)

15. Shorten your commute to no more than 30 minutes

16. Unplug after work hours



17. Determine (and be able to articulate) your sense of purpose or life mission

18. Eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetables a day

19. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day

20. Choose walking or biking over driving

21. Sleep at least 7.5 hours per night

22. Do something generous

23. Volunteer your time to help people who have less than you

24. Add a daily dose of humor

25. Practice your faith

26. Watch less than 1 hour of TV per day

27. Meditate at least once per week

Credit: Marion Michele


28. Live in a medium-size city (about 200,000 people)

29. Live close to your friends or make friends with your neighbors

30. Live near nature

31. Own a dog

32. Clean your house and minimize clutter

Credit: Daiga Ellaby

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